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AgimbalGear DH11 Extension Plate for DJI Ronin S/Ronin SC 1/4″ Monitor Mount Video Light Cold Shoe Adapter Magic Arm Bracket Multi-Functional Gimbal Accessories

  • ✔Extension monitor mount bracket specially for DJI Ronin S / Ronin SC.
  • ✔Arri Quick Locating to adjust arm mount angle, quickly and tightly.
  • ✔Cold Shoe Mount to attach LED video light.
  • ✔The plate comes with three 1/4" holes to add external microphone etc.
  • ✔Made of Aluminum alloy, durable structure.

Dual Handle specially for Ronin S/SC&MOZA AIR 2

  • Handlebar and Dual Handgrips
  • Center Clamp Attaches to Gimbal Grip
  • Padded Center Clamp to Protect Gimbal
  • Ridged Handgrip Surface for Better Grip

Limited Universal L-Bracket with Cold Shoe Mount for Single-Handle Gimbal

  • Fits DJI RS 2/RSC 2, Moza Air & Others
  • Adds Second Grip to Single-Handle Gimbal
  • Integrated Cold Shoe for Microphone
  • 1/4"-20 Accessory Threads